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The leader of power filtration solutions

As a leader in power filtration technologies since 2005, The Rad-X Filter has many happy customers in Hospitals all over the United States. We have collected a few testimonials to give you a glimpse of how we have helped improved these imaging centers.

Doctor Staring at MRI Scan

McLaren Health Care Corporation

David M. Dickey, CHC, CCE, FACHE
VP Corporate Clinical Engineering


As Corporate Vice President of Clinical Engineering for McLaren Health Care Corporation I am happy to report that our presently placed Rad-X Filters (operating in high-end imaging, radiology, neurology, and oncology suites throughout multiple McLaren facilities) are still in operation, performing as designed.

With my goal and responsibility aimed at maximizing clinical equipment uptime and reliability, while simultaneously minimizing equipment ownership costs, it should come at no surprise that I foresee many future needs for products and services that APQS can provide to the healthcare sector, given recent estimates that the global medical equipment service market will reach $32.9 billion dollars by 2022.

My objective is to keep post-warranty equipment service costs at 4-6% of the initial purchase cost, and this varies depending upon the equipment type, with imaging products typically one of the most costly to maintain. I am happy to report, that with two years of data on 3 of our most recent 128 slice CT scanners, my cost has ranged from 4.6% to 5.7%, far less than typical vendor full-service contracts that can average 10% or higher.

McLaren Health Care hospitals have never experienced a Rad-X Filter failure and likewise, the Rad-X Filter has never contributed or caused downtime in its Imaging and Therapy suites. I would highly recommend this filtration product to any hospital and service organization trying to improve system reliability and uptime, especially for situations whereby the equipment is installed within electrical environments that experience frequent power disturbances.

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Glendale Memorial Hospital

Housni Hariri
Director of Radiology
Glendale Memorial Hospital


I have been the Director of Radiology for Glendale Memorial Hospital, Glendale, CA for the last 15 years. In that role, I have been directly involved with the purchase and installation of eight (8) Rad-X Filters for our high-end imaging, radiology, and nuclear medicine systems.

It is interesting to note that even the earliest installed Rad-X Filters are still in use, and have significantly reduced power-related issues to our machines and helped improve uptimes.

Glendale Memorial Hospital has not experienced a Rad-X Filter failure and likewise, the Rad-X Filter has not contributed or caused downtime in the Imaging suites. I would highly recommend that Directors of Radiology / Facilities / Biomedical Services consider such products and consider utilizing the Rad-X Filter in their major equipment areas, including Diagnostic Radiography, Computed Tomography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Cath Lab suites.

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Providence Holy Cross Medical Center


Edward Lord
Director of Support Services
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

I have been the Director of Support Services at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, CA since December 2013. Prior to that, I was the Director of Facilities for Glendale Memorial Hospital (GMH) in Glendale, CA from 1998 to 2013. During my tenure at GMH, I participated in the purchase and installation of eight (8) Rad-X filters on our high-end Imaging, Radiology, and Nuclear Medicine systems. To the best of my knowledge, even the earliest installed Rad-X Filters are still in use, and at least during my time at Glendale the total benefit to GMH as a result of having the Filters was hundreds of Thousands of dollars. The coast avoidance realized is not exactly quantifiable but from experiences with the power quality filter I know this device works. The electronic components lasted longer with no issues and the x-ray tubes lasted years longer compared to those equipment that did not have the filters.{in terms of estimated dollars saved (parts, labor, etc.), downtime reduction, better performance of the CT/NM, etc.)}

At Providence Holy Cross, we have just recently purchased two Rad-X Filters, the first of which has been installed and activated on a new Siemens Luminos Agile Max, X-Ray System. The second Filter will be installed as soon as the second room is ready. I am confident, based on my past experience with the Rad-X Filter, that this will be the first of many future purchases.

I would highly recommend the use of this impressive product to any hospital interested in maintaining a high level of system availability and lowering “need and cost of service” for their high-end medical systems.

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Missoula, MT.  Cancer Center


Jarred Harrington

Associate Field Service Engineer

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Applied Power Quality Solutions (“APQS”). I was experiencing an ongoing, serious operational problem with an Elekta LINAC installed at Community Cancer Center in Missoula, MT. With Ed’s help we were able to determine that my problems were in fact caused by incoming power. On February 28, 2017, APQS activated a Rad-X Filter that was purchased and installed by the hospital in an attempt to remediate this specific problem. Immediately following the activation of the Rad-X Filter we have had zero call backs in regards to this problem.

When I estimate Elekta’s “cost of service”, before and after Rad-X Filter activation, the difference is substantial. These costs include unnecessary part replacements, and expenses associated with my time, travel, lodging, etc.

I would recommend this impressive product to any organization trying to lower the incidence of failure, thereby lowering cost of service and improving system availability.

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