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We’re glad you asked!

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and a major part of that is making sure customers promptly get the answers they’re looking for. We’ve organized the most frequently asked questions below to help with exactly that. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll be ready to assist you.


Do I need to have a power conditioner if I purchase the Rad-X Filter® ?


No. The Rad-X Filter® does more than a power conditioner. Call for more details.

If I already have a UPS or power conditioner connected to my system, will I benefit from the Rad-X Filter® ?


Yes, you will. The Rad-X Filter® does more than a power conditioner. Call for more details.

Why haven’t I heard of APQS before now?


In 2005, APQS started out as a power consulting company helping customers identify sources of power-related issues and then designing filters to alleviate these issues.  Although at that time, APQS invented the early versions of filters, it wasn’t until recently that the Founders of APQS decided to aggressively pursue the Outpatient Imaging and Hospital market.

It should be noted that APQS has successfully installed many filters at healthcare facilities across North America.

Why do I need a Rad-X Filter® on my brand new imaging/therapy system?      


Whether as a normal byproduct of your new system’s operation or as an inevitable contribution from your facility’s electrical system, high-frequency electrical noise and low-level voltage impulses will confront your new system throughout its operational life. The effect of day-to-day exposure to this disturbance activity results in a gradual and often not so gradual degradation of electronic components and electromechanical sub-assemblies. The impact of this degradation ranges from operational disruptions to actual component damage and downtime. Adding a Rad-X Filter® at the power input to the new system helps prevent these problems from setting in. In essence, you are proactively helping to ensure minimal problems today and throughout the life of your new system.

Why do I need a Rad-X Filter® if I have a full-service Contract with my Imaging/Therapy system?


There are two important components needed to ensure maximum performance and uptime for your imaging/therapy system. The first is an effective means of resolving problems when they inevitably occur. This is best accomplished through a program of Self-Maintenance, OEM or Third-Party Vendor Contract and often hospitals will use some combination of the three.

The second and often not fully considered component involves employing strategies that help avoid the “need for service” in the first place. The most effective of these strategies in the medical imaging, radiology, neurology and oncology areas is the Rad-X Medical Power Filtration System® (Rad-X Filter®).

This unique product, installed in series with the input power to your imaging/therapy system, attenuates high frequency electrical noise and low-level voltage transients that impair, degrade, and ultimately destroy electronic components and electro mechanical assemblies. They also contribute to premature X-Ray tube failures. The average outcome achieved through the application of a Rad-X Filter® is 30-50% reduction in need for service. Additionally, this reduction has been shown to remain consistent throughout the life cycle of the protected imaging/therapy system.

What is the Difference Between the Rad-X Filter® and the Rad-X Mini?


The Rad-X Filter® and Rad-X Mini Filter have the same topography, just on very different power scales. The Mini unit is appropriate for all 120 or 240 volt, 20 or 30amp applications such as Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear-Med Imaging, and Bone Density Scanners.

The large Rad-X Filter® is for all high-end 480 or 277/480 volt up to 80-425 ampere applications; CT, Cath Lab, MRI, Linear Accelerators, X-Ray, etc.

Contact your Representative or the APQS office for the current price of the Rad-X Mini.  Discounts are available for quantity orders.

How often do Rad-X Power Filters need to be serviced?


We recommend that the Rad-X Filter® be refurbished approximately once every 10 years, or if they are being transferred to another Medical Imaging Device.

How Does Activation Occur?


Activation is performed by your facilities engineers or your electrical contractors with a detailed set of instructions, provided by APQS. Phone support is also included.

What are APQS’s Financing Options – Rent, Lease, Purchase, etc.?


APQS wants to make it easy for our customers to consummate their orders and therefore provides options for customers that prefer to rent or lease our Filters.  Please contact your Representative or the APQS office for more information.

Financing options are available here.

What are APQS’s Terms of Purchase?


APQS requires 50% deposit at time of order (25% non-refundable) and the balance due 30 days after delivery to the hospital/imaging center or location of customer’s choosing.

Are there other Applications that can use the Rad-X Filter® Technology?


YES!  Any electronic device that combines a significant electrical function with sensitive electronic and electro-mechanical circuits is a strong candidate.  This includes robotics, manufacturing processes and much more.

What happens to APQS’s Filters if I sell my Medical Imaging Device?


In some cases, the filter can be reconfigured/redeployed for a different high-end medical device, whether new or  existing (used).

What are APQS Shipping Policies?


APQS includes shipping FOB destination.

How Long Will it Take for my Rad-X Filter® to Arrive?


The approximate lead time from receipt of your order and completed configuration sheets is 12+ weeks. However, this timeframe could change due to current economic conditions and supply chain issues.

To discuss your specific application needs, please contact us at (480) 248-8242 or email us at

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